Syndicate Rules

Please read these rules carefully. Handle only by the general etiquette.

Every player is responsible from his own account. The Syndicate Team is not responsible for the stolen of your characters (ID and Password) and the lost of the item(s) during the exchange. Don’t ask for help from us in these topics.

The items that you buy by loading the money are for supporting Syndicate. There isn’t any commercial purpose or market profit. It can’t be claimed any possession. Buying an item doesn’t mean that you will have a privilege.

Syndicate Management preserves the right to suspend a player indefinitely or in a given time without giving any excuse if it is necessary.

Syndicate Management preserves the right to change this agreement without warning its users.

Syndicate is a private server. Therefore it can’t interfere with every problem instantly. The duration of interference and fixation can vary depending on the dimension and situation of the problem, which can be in a short or long period of time.

Anything can happen any time in private servers;the server can be withdrawn, server can fall down, your items and your membership can be erased. It is possible that anything can happen at any times. Nobody has right to demand the rights, to object and complain about the problems in future that will be mentioned below. There is no guarantee that any server can not be closed down.

Every server has the risk of closing down due to the situations and conditions that can happen in future. If such a case happens, definitely you can’t demand any right, object to or bring an accusation against us.

The penalty of every kinds of complaint and information and notification of bugs in order to cheat the Play Management is to close the account indefinitely.

The accounts of players who differentiate against the religion, language and race are stopped indefinitely when it is proven.

The accounts of players who have the attitudes and behaviours that aim to swear, smear, threaten the Player Management or provoke the players will be stopped indefinitely within the initiative of the Game Master.

I declare that I got the silk credits that I bought from Syndicate on my own will, so I don't have any rights to complain about and I will never demand the refund of the silk credits under no circumstances.

It's not allowed to sell items/gold inexchange of real money.